Papertrail is  proud to be partnered with DMM as part of the cutting edge of the revolution in personal protective equipment (PPE) inspection and inventory management.  In a world first, DMM has integrated RFID into connectors (patent pending) and other difficult to mark PPE products, including ropes, harnesses and slings.  DMM offer a range of iD products and importantly, you can now tag your existing equipment with the same technology...............

We all know the pitfalls of looking after our PPE equipment range from:

  1. Inaccurate data entry by us humans
  2. The equipment serial numbers can become really difficult to read
  3. It can be hard to access accurate product information and documentation
  4. Oh..... and lets not forget how long it takes to add all that nice shiny kit you have just bought

Adding RFID technology to your equipment gives them a durable and scannable identity that will:

  1. Make your equipment management easier to carry out and far more accurate
  2. Make your equipment identifiable at any time of day, outside, inside or underground
  3. Save your staff time during inspections and audits
  4. Save you money.  If you can't see the serial number you can still identify the item by its tag, this means the equipment doesn't necessarily have to be discarded and replaced before its time.

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