Adding inspections to records in your account is an important process to ensure your account and the items within it are maintained in accordance with the relevant regulations and / or governing bodies.  By using the Papertrail mobile app, this can be completed both on and off line, and whilst you are away from the main office environment.

Log on to the mobile app and select the account you need to work on, your account will then open up on the Dashboard page.  From here you will be presented with an overview of records due an inspection and records overdue an inspection.  'Clicking' on one of these 2 icons will show you the folders where the relevant record(s) is located; the number in the red circle on the right of the screen denotes how many records due / overdue are in that folder.

'Click' on the folder where you need to add an inspection and all due or overdue records will be listed.  The information you will see for each record are:

  • Name of record
  • Tags (will  show only if record already has tags)
  • Current State
  • Inspection due date

To add an inspection to a SINGLE record, simple find the respective record and 'click' on the white circle on the left of the record, it will then turn green.  At the bottom of the screen you will have 2 options, add inspection or add note; select add inspection as this is what we are doing!  Now simply add the inspection as appropriate:

  • State - 'click' on the current state (checked - Good for example) and you will have the option to change it as appropriate
  • Quantity - 'click' on the number if you need to change the quantity
  • Next Inspection - 'click' on the option to change this
  • Comments - add as necessary.  You will see an option to 'View Last Comments', you can select this and use them if necessary by following the instructions; if not you can add your own comments as appropriate.
  • Photos - add as necessary
  • Click save (top right hand corner)

To add an inspection to multiple records, simply 'click' on the white circle on the left of the records to be inspected and select add inspection (option at bottom of the page)

The selected records will be shown on your screen, simply follow the instructions for adding an inspection as shown above (for a single record).  As for the main web app, you can copy down the inspection state which will be a big time saver!  As long as the inspection states are going to be the same for all records you are inspecting, simply select the copy down option as shown below:

The same process of copying down can be done for the 'next inspection' date and comments (note: on some devices it may be necessary to slowly swipe down the keyboard on your device to 'reveal' the copy down option).

Once you have added the inspection details as required, select 'save all' in the top right hand corner of your screen and navigate back to the dashboard or folder / record as needed.

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