A popular time-saving feature when setting up your Papertrail account is the ability to add cloned records. If you want to enter multiple records or similar items of equipment you can quickly clone and change the unique identifier accordingly.

For example - you might have a set of karabiners which you bought at the same time from the same manufacturer, and need to record each one uniquely.

How to Duplicate a Record

To clone a record, first create the record you want to clone, or find an existing record by navigating through the folders or using the search function.

Once you have found the record, click on it to open the 'RECORD DETAILS dialogue box, select the drop down arrow adjacent to the 'ACTIONS' button and select 'CLONE RECORD' from the drop-down menu:

A cloned record will be produced and you can then update the existing information in the new record, for example by changing the unique identifier or name. Remember to hit save when you have finished, before moving on.

This process can be done as many times as you need; once you have created a clone, select both and clone again, this then gives you 4, select all 4 and clone again to get 8 etc etc etc

Remember, edit your record names as you go along too.

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