Cloning is really simple to do, watch this short video and it will get you up and running quickly.  If you can't view the video please read on.....

To clone a record, first create a new record, or find an existing record of the same item from within you account that you want to clone.

Once you have found the record, click on it to open the 'RECORD DETAILS dialogue box, select the drop down arrow adjacent to the 'ACTIONS' button and select 'CLONE RECORD' from the drop-down menu:

A dialogue box informing you of exactly what you have requested allows you to finish the process by selecting 'CLONE':

This now produces a cloned record (with the word COPY at the end) that you can then update with any new information in the new record, for example by changing the unique identifier or name.

If you now want to produce more, simply select the two items and select 'Clone' from the dropdown:

Once the process is complete, it can be done again as many times as you need; once you have created a clone, select both and clone again, this then gives you 4, select all 4 and clone again to get 8 etc etc etc

Remember, edit your record names and any other data as you go along too.

If you want to see how to clone a folder of different items click here

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