If you have a folder of records (potentially equipment or certificates etc) that you need to recreate, you can use the multi item clone functionality to complete this easily.

Identify the folder you want to copy and select all the items within it, in this example it is an equipment bag:

select the 'Clone' option from the dropdown menu to create a copy of each item in the bag by checking the records are the ones you want and selecting 'CLONE':

Once this is complete, select the items with the word 'Copy' added and select 'Move'

You can now select the new location for the copied items:

In this example I have created a new 'Bag 2' and want all the new items moved in to it, ensuring you select 'SAVE' to complete the action.

Finally, you need to 'clean' the record data by removing the word 'Copy' and amend any other information required

Remember, the devil is in the detail.  Check all the data in the newly created records to ensure you don't have multiple records with the same information.

If you want to see a short video of how to clone one item into many click here

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