Creating records can be time a time consuming effort but with out clone (duplicate) functionality we have made it really easy to produce single or multiple copies of one or many items.  One word of warning,  it is advisable to not copy unique data such as serial numbers or identifiers as this could lead to having duplicate records of an item within your account.  We have also added some additional security by adding the word 'COPY' to the end of every cloned record, forcing you to change the name accordingly.

For example - you might have a set of identical model connectors that you bought at the same time from the same supplier and you need to add them to your account quickly.  Creating identical records with the same data is time consuming and may lead to data entry errors through repetition, cloning makes it much simpler and importantly quicker,

If you want to create one or more records for a similar or identical item click here.

If you want to create one or more records of different items (such as items in a belay or climbing bag) click here

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