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Now you have created your folders, it's time to add your first record to your Papertrail account. To do this. log-in to your Papertrail account using the username and password you created when you registered.

How to add a record to your Papertrail account

Once you have logged-in, click on the folder you would like to add a record to from the left-hand side. Once there, click "NEW RECORD", 

 a box like this will appear:

To add a record, fill out the following fields:

  • RECORD NAME - this could be a piece of equipment (e.g. "harness"), facility check (e.g. fire extinguisher #01) or anything else you want to keep track of in your account
  • INSPECTION FREQUENCY - decide how often you want to review, inspect or update this record (Papertrail can remind you when it is due)
  • INITIAL STATE - what is the condition of the equipment you are adding. Hopefully it will be brand new or in an excellent state of repair or Checked - Good as we say

Once you have completed these easy stages click "CREATE" and get ready to move on to the next stage.

Adding the Record Details

Papertrail has been built from the ground-up for the needs of safety-minded professionals working in adventurous activities, working at height and NHS Trusts. So you'll find lots of scope for recording PPE equipment records and inspections in your Papertrail account. The "RECORD DETAILS" dialogue box allows you to enter item specific information that will turn Papertrail from a 'flat spreadsheet' into a fantastic, multi layered equipment management database.

  • Identifier - use this field to add a unique identifier for this particular record, for example a number or marking
  • Serial Number, Make, Model - these are all optional fields but may be required for equipment
  • Date of Manufacture - Date of manufacture of the piece of equipment
  • Date for Retirement (if the equipment has a shelf life)
  • Date of First Use - works with the purchase and manufactured date to give you a realistic lifespan and retirement date for the item.
  • First Inspection Due (if you already have a scheduled inspection date)
  • Supplier - Who you purchased the equipment from
  • Purchase Date - As mentioned above plus you can keep an eye on item guarantees etc
  • Purchase Price - How much it cost you will assist you in forecasting how much it will cost you to replace it

Have a look at the the screenshot below to see how it all looks:

Adding comments to records in Papertrail

You can use the comments section to make notes. For example, you might want to add specific instructions for the rest of your team, telling them what might be required for the inspection or review.

When you have finished adding the information just close the record, no need to hit save (nice one Google).

You can then continue adding records one by one, or to speed-up the process you can duplicate records. If you currently use a spreadsheet for your health and safety record keeping, we can upload that to Papertrail to save even more time. Click here to find out how.

It really is as easy as that! If you have any questions about creating records or what information you need to include, please feel free to contact us.

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