Manufacturer checklists is a brilliant new free feature that has been added to Papertrail for you to use.  To help you navigate your way around using checklists on your account, please have a quick look at the short and informative help desk articles and videos.

  1. Before using checklists during your inspections you must 'Assign' the correct checklist you want to the records on your account.  Click here to access the article on how to do this.
  2. Once assigned, you can now carry out an inspection on the mobile app on one or many records using the checklist.  Click here to access the article to see how this is done (you will need to ensure you are using V2.8.0 or later for this functionality).
  3. You can also use checklists to inspect your items on the web app in a similar way, click here to access the article on how to do this.

We hope these articles help you and you are able to use the checklists to help improve your systems and procedures for inspecting your PPE.

Happy Papertrailing 

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