Papertrail now offers you the ability to use a checklist for specific items of equipment such as:

  1. Helmets
  2. Harnesses
  3. Connectors - to name but a few

We are currently working with Petzl equipment only but will also be adding the checklists from the following manufacturers soon:

  1. DMM
  2. Singing Rock
  3. Kong
  4. Teufelberger

This list is ever growing and won't be confined to the mountaineering/work at height market, you can expect to see checklists for arboriculture equipment from Stihl and Husqvarna soon too.

This functionality is provided to you Free of Charge and will enable you to carry out inspections following the manufacturers guidelines.

Many of these checklists are 'generic' and can be used to inspect many of the different models in a manufacturers range.  Papertrail will ensure the checklists are always up to date by working alongside manufacturers, any amendments or additional generic checks will be added as soon as they become available.  This means you will will always be using the checks you should use, directly from the 'source of truth'.

It is possible to download copies of these checklists directly from the manufacturers websites and use them in the 'traditional' way, but using them in Papertrail means you have a 'copy' of the checklist added to the inspection history of each individual item every time you carry out an inspection. 

The difference between paper and cloud checklists is that on Papertrail they will never get lost, or damaged, you won't have to chase staff up to see if they have done the checks and importantly, they will always there to help you prove compliance 😊

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