If you are inspecting several items at once, you can add inspections to multiple records in your Papertrail account in one go. This can save you even more time on your health and safety records, compared to updating each record individually.


Step by Step

To add inspections to multiple records, select the records you want to update from the folder or record view. You can select all in a folder or search result list by using the small square button to the left of Image.

N.B. you can only select a maximum of 50 records at once.

Once selected, they will be highlighted as per the example below:

Click on Add X Inspections (X will be the total number of records you have highlighted).

This will bring up the inspection log window for multiple records:

You can complete the inspection for each record individually and select Save for each record.

If the subsequent records need different inspection details, then you can carry on changing each one. 

If however all the records  have the same state/quantity/inspection date/comments, you can use the blue copy down arrow which is to the right of each detail to copy the same information down to all subsequent records.

This works for any stage of the list, so if only the last three records all have the same state you can use the copy down icon from that point on.

We recommend that you scroll down through all the records selected and double check that everything is correct before saving the inspections. You can use the Jump to record option (bottom right of the inspections) to find a specific record in your selection. 

To add a photo or file to the inspection, click on Add file to upload from your computer. Files and photos can't be copied down to all records because it is assumed that you are taking a photo of an individual item or fault.

Once you've filled in and checked the inspections, click Save all to complete.

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