If you want to add an extra account to your subscription, for example, an 'HR or staff qualifications' account for your freelance staff to log in to and keep all their certificates up to date etc... you can do this easily.

To begin with, log in to your account page and you will see the option to '+ NEW ACCOUNT' - click on this

Use the 'NEW ACCOUNT' dialogue box, choose 'CREATE A STANDARD ACCOUNT' enter the details needed and crack on...................

The user that sets up a demo account (any user can do this) is now the administrator for that account and has to go about inviting new users to it in the usual way.

You must remember this account only contains 16 records until you contact us with the new details such as:

  • how many records you want in this account
  • what existing subscription it will share the record allocation of or,
  • if it is a going to be a new account, your payment details.

If you have any issues or would like to discuss this option, please use the Big Green Button and ask away.

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