When you're thinking about changing your PPE or Health & Safety record keeping system, it can feel daunting even though you know that a new cloud-based digital system like Papertrail will save up to 50% of your time and make your team more efficient.

Don't worry, this is a situation that lots of other businesses have been through. Nearly all our users started using Papertrail after months or years of using paper-based records or spreadsheets.

When setting up your account, a little preparation goes a long way and we are always here to help.

What records do you need to keep?

It's a good idea to spend a few minutes thinking about the records you need to keep.

Depending on your organisation and the work you do, you might be required by law to keep certain records. For example, PPE equipment checks, risk assessments or thorough LOLER inspections. You might also want to keep records for areas of your business that may not be specifically required by law, but are good practice. For example, staff training records and facilities checks.

We've created some Mind Maps for different industries as inspiration for you:

1. Work at Height Company:

2. Arborist Company:

3. Ropes Course:

4. Activity Centre:

You can do this with simple pen and paper and take a photo of it, or if you need something that looks a bit more slick to share with team members then you can try one of the following digital tools:

By mapping out your different areas or work and types of records you need to keep, you'll soon get a clear idea of the best way to structure your folders. Once you have that it's just a case of replicating that folder structure inside your Papertrail account and creating the records. Take a quick look at the example below of how your initial Mind Map can then be adapted to look like your actual Papertrail folder system.

Do I need an individual record for every item of equipment?

The simple and short answer is no - for items such as archery arrows or wet suit socks (or any item where you don't need as much detail), you can create one record and add a quantity. Each time you inspect this group of items, you need to remember to update the quantity.

For equipment that falls under LOLER and PUWER regulations or items of great expense, it is important to have an individual record for each item to show compliance with legislation.

When you first log in to your Papertrail account you will be provided with example folders. Feel free to edit, delete or add to them and create sub-folders.

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