Additional accounts may help you manage your business far more easily or more importantly it may help your train your staff with ease.


If you want to add an extra account to your subscription, for example, an 'HR or staff qualifications' type account for your freelance staff to log in to and keep all their certificates up to date etc, or a demo account for 'training' you and your staff how to do things without messing up all the hard work in your main account, you can do this easily.

To begin with, log in to your account page and you will see the option to '+ NEW ACCOUNT' - click on this

Use the 'NEW ACCOUNT' dialogue box and choose which type of account you want to create.

In this example I have chosen a demo account as I only want it to last for 29 days whilst I practice adding and moving records and folders as well as training my staff. If you chose this option you can even pick from a few 'industry templates' that we have put in for you:

Once you have chosen which one you need, click on 'CREATE ACCOUNT' and you will get a 29 day demo account to test and train you and your staff through to destruction.

If you want a new standard account to help you manage the many facets of your business, enter the details needed and crack on...................

The user that sets up a demo account (any user can do this) is now the administrator for that account and has to go about inviting new users to it in the usual way.

Another fantastic option we have set up for you is the 'CLONE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT'. Cloning an account is a brilliant way of setting up a new account that already has the folder structure you spent time developing. A cloned account only displays the folder structure that person is allowed to see. Simply, if all you can see in an account is one folder with karabiners or daily centre inspections in it, your cloned account will only contain the same folders. If you want to clone a full blown account with every folder in it you must have the permission to do so.

Cloning accounts is simple, all you have to do is:

Click on 'NEW ACCOUNT' and this time chose 'CLONE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT'

Choose the account that you want to clone and click on 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT'.

Once you have created a new demo/standard/cloned account you will now see it in your log in page along with all the accounts you have been invited to.

You must remember this account only contains 16 records until you contact us with the new details such as:

  • how many records you want in this account
  • what existing subscription it will share the record allocation of or,
  • if it is a going to be a new account, your payment details.

Please remember, you are now the administrator of this account and need to begin the process of adding new users.

If you have any issues or would like to discuss this option, please use the Big Green Button and ask away.

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