Papertrail doesn't recommend removing a user from an account, it is far better to suspend their access and change their status to inactive. This means they cannot log-in and access the account, but their name will still be attached to inspection records that they updated while an active user. To carry out any action on users, you must be an admin member for the account.

How to suspend a user from your Papertrail account

Log in to your Papertrail account

- Click on the grey cog in the bottom left-hand corner

- Click on Team Settings

- Find the user you want to suspend

- Click the "SUSPEND" button

- Confirm the user has moved from "Active Members" to "Suspended Members"

Access can be re-enabled in the future (as long as you have sufficient user invite availability). If you need to do this in the future by simply click on the "REACTIVATE' button and confirm the user has moved back into "Active Members".

This ensures you have complete flexibility and control at all times for all your full time and temporary staff.

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