A new feature of ours is the Export button within the activities tab. This enables you to download a PDF of all the activities which have happened within folders, records, users accounts and date range all at the same time.

Using the filter option next to the export button will give you the option to do this. You will get four drop-down options to choose from.

Activity Type - choose from Folder activities, Record activities (expand this option using the little arrow to specify even more, such as record movement), Inspection activities, Task activities or Certificate activities.

User - tick the applicable names from a list of all the users in the account.

Folder - select which folders and sub-folders you want to include.

Date Range - use this option to narrow your search down to a specific day/date or period; don't forget that you need to enter two dates even if you are filtering on one day.

Once chosen desired filters, click the Export button. You can either have a PDF or a CSV document.

Click open or download, from there you will be able to share the document however you wish.

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