To assist us in getting your data into your account quickly and cleanly, please ensure that you have set up a folder structure within your accounts.

It is important to think about your account structure to make it as easy as possible for you to find and manage your records. You will need to state which folder each record will sit in if you are filling out the import spreadsheet for your accounts.

When setting up each account, you will notice that we have provided example folders for you to use. You can add, edit, move, and/or delete these folders to suit your needs.

Here are some example folder structures for the accounts available for your industry:

Fire Safety Account -

  • Location A

    • Fire Alarm System

      • C-Tec CFP708-4 8 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

    • Sprinkler System

      • Wet Pipe Systems

    • Fire Extinguishers

      • FireShield 6Ltr AFFF Foam

Incident Reporting Account -

  • 2021

    • January 2021

      • Incident 1 - 27/01/2021

  • 2022

    • January 2022

      • Incident 3 - 02/01/2022

First Aid Equipment Account -

  • First Aid Kits

    • Dressing, Bandages & Tape

      • Sterile Wound Dressing

    • Plasters

      • Waterproof plasters

    • Ice/Heat Pack

      • Wheat bag heat pack

Grounds Inspection Account -

  • Building A

    • Ground Inspection - Summer

  • Building B

    • Ground Inspection - Winter

Electrical Safety Account -

  • Switch Station

    • Transformers

      • RS PRO 400VA DIN Rail & Panel Mount Transformer

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