Papertrail is proud to be partnered with DMM to produce the complete solution for personal protective equipment (PPE) inspection and inventory management.

It can be a challenge sometimes to manage your PPE inventory when you have human error causing inaccurate data entry, hard-to-read serial numbers through wear of use and/or lost product information or documentation.

DMM has integrated RFID tags into carabiners and other difficult to mark products including ropes, harnesses and slings. These tags attach a unique number (24 digits long) to the item of equipment and can be scanned using an RFID reader.

Adding RFID technology to your equipment gives it a durable and scannable identity that works at any time of day, outside, inside or underground. Our customers report massive time savings when identifying equipment during inspections and audits. It can increase the life of your equipment as it doesn't need to be discarded early if the serial number or documentation is lost. RFID is more expensive but is faster and far more accurate than barcodes or other ways of identifying equipment.

You can explore the full range of DMM iD equipment with our PPE Directory.
Unique DMM iD products that are imported from our PPE Directory are classed as a 'free' record in Papertrail i.e. they do not count towards your subscription record allowance.

DMM iD tags are found in different locations depending on the product they are within.

• Carabiners - small black circles on carabiner gate

• Slings - located within the bar tack stitching

• Harnesses - refer to each harness instruction

• Ropes - located under iD logo on label

• Zip Tie tags - located in the circular part of the cable tie

You can also use simple and effective retrofit RFID tags to label your existing equipment with the same technology. Retrofit tag types include dots, zip ties, rope labels and helmet stickers.

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