Adding multiple inspections on the Papertrail mobile app is just as simple. 


Step by Step

Navigate to the records you are inspecting, either via folders, Due/Overdue filters or a search result list.

Select the records that you want by clicking on the small circle to the left of the records. Once you select one record a Select all option will also appear.

Click Add Inspection to bring up the inspection window for the records you have selected.

In this inspection log window you can fill in the details of the first inspection.

If the subsequent records need different inspection details, then you can carry on editing each one. If the records underneath have the same state/quantity/inspection date/comments, you can use the copy down icon:

which is next to each detail to copy the same information down to all subsequent records.

This works for any stage of the list, so if only the last three records all have the same state you can use the copy down icon from that point on.

We recommend that you scroll down through all the records selected and double check that everything is correct before saving the inspections.

You can use the Jump to option to find a specific record in your selection. 

To add a photo to the inspection, click on the grey camera icon to take a photo on your phone or upload one from your photo library. Photos can't be copied down to all records because it is assumed that you are taking a photo of an individual item or fault.

Remember, you can add inspections when off-line but you must re-connect to wifi or 3G/4G afterwards and sync your device to ensure your account has the most up to date information.

Papertrail also recommends that you log out of the app when you have finished all tasks, especially if you are working on a device shared with other users.

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