Managing your tasks is a vital part of everyday work life.  If you assign a task or have a task assigned to you, keeping them updated with information and images on how they are progressing towards their deadline helps keep the flow of work moving along.

From the Task Manager filter view you can select the task you are working on to open it fully:

Once you are in the 'Task' view you can begin adding information:

In this example I have created a task to move a rope into a specific Kit Bag and assigned it to Bob to carry out before an agreed deadline (remember you can assign a task to one or many).

On completion of the task the assignee can 'Add Note' to show completion and then 'Request Closure and Submit'. This action changes the state of the task accordingly whilst again notifying the creator of the action and allowing further action by them if necessary.

The task creator now has a couple of options available to them. If the task has been completed successfully they can 'Add Note' to show this followed by 'Close Task' or if the task isn't successfully completed or there is additional work to be carried out, the task can be re-opened by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the open or pending closed option from the drop down menu.

If 'Close Task' is chosen:

the state changes again to 'Closed'.

Only the creator of a task or an Admin can close a task.

Back in the 'Task Manager' filter you can now see that the task information is fully updated and showing it as 'Closed'.

Papertrail will help you create, monitor and manage your tasks on a one to one or one to many basis. Using the 'Task Manager' will also ensure that all maintenance and service type information on work completed as well as inspection information for an item is all kept in one easily accessible place. your Papertrail account.

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