The default view of information contained in records can be a little limited, especially if you have lots of information contained in records that you wish to report on or use to produce a print off for a specific task. If this is the case, you can now 'tweak' this view a little (or a lot) depending on what you want.


Once you have navigated to the folder or searched and filtered the information you want, you can begin the easy process of changing the viewable columns.

In this screenshot you can see the default columns, if you want to change them all you have to do is navigate to the top right hand corner where you can see the icon that resembles an open book. Click on this to see what is available for you to view by:

You can now easily untick anything you don't want (this will disappear as you do it) and replace it with what you do need, again appearing as you select - pretty neat :-) Once you have selected everything you want click on the icon again to remove it from view. You now have all the data you want in front of you.

The next logical thing you may want to do is print off this 'report'. This again is pretty simple to do but if you're not too sure then click here to see how to do it fully:

Your awesome report could look something like this:

We think this is an excellent addition to Papertrail's growing armoury of equipment management tools and we hope you think so too.

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