By popular demand you can now view your search results in 'RECORD' view rather than 'FOLDER' view alone. This will allow you to view a group of records that have been 'TAGGED' together.


If you are searching for a 'TAG', select the search function and type in the name/keyword of the tag you are looking for in the search bar to display it. In this example I am using the keyword 'BAG' to display the tag 'BAG 1'.

Select the 'TAG' you need (BAG 1 for me) to search for all the items that are grouped under this tag.

The results will be shown in the view you were in last. In my case 'FOLDER VIEW'.

To view all the records grouped under this tag, select 'RECORD VIEW' at the right hand end of the 'FOLDER OPTIONS' bar.

This will now change the view so you can see all the items tagged 'BAG 1'.


You will only be able to view up to a maximum of 50 records at a time in this view. If you have more than 50 records in the search, you can use the page scroll function to view more.

If you need to print the list off, you can also select 'PRINT/EXPORT' option. If you are not sure how to do this, click on this link to view the article on how to do it.

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