Allowing a barcode to be used for more than one item sounds like a recipe for disaster and in most cases we would agree with you. However, if used cleverly and selectively within Papertrail it will allow you to 'GROUP' inspection records together to form a 'CHECKLIST' that can work brilliantly for you.


To begin with you need to add the same barcode number to each record/check that you want to group together. To do this, check out the mobile app help desk articles that explain how to add a barcode to an item.

In this example I have added the same barcode to a group of records that form our 'DAILY ROUTINE VEHICLE CHECKS' inspection.

To carry out an inspection using this checklist you need to scan the barcode located (for example) in the vehicle or attached to the vehicle documents to display all the checks for you to follow:

Once scanned, all the records/checks linked to that barcode will be displayed in one list for inspection.

(this screenshot is from our iOS app only) Once the inspections have been completed, ensure you sync the app to keep both web and mobile apps up to date.

Great functionality for managers and users alike, easy to set up and simple to use.

Please remember that using barcodes to bring a group of records together to form a checklist must be carefully managed and individual items that have their own record, identifier or serial number should also be easily identifiable, possibly by RFID or barcode.

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