If you want to make searching records in a folder easier, then why not use the new function of sorting records alphabetically or numerically?


Papertrail's new option to sort your records whilst in the Record View will make searching your records much easier especially if you have a large number to look through. To use this function simply log into your account and navigate to the folder you need, then click on the Record View option (see below in the red square), this will then list all of your records.

To sort the records you need, click on the ‘sort’ icon as shown above (in the red circle), this will then give you your sort options similar to those shown below:

Now all you need to do is decide the columns you need to use and the order you want them sorted in. You will only have the option of choosing the columns currently on view as shown below (to customise your column views follow this link here - if you add more columns to your view, you will have more options to sort your records with). To sort the record view:

Add a Column - Click on the text box under ‘Add column to sort’ and you will be presented with additional columns to add. If you want to add a column in a particular order, select the appropriate ‘order’ number (as shown in the red square); i.e. if you want ‘name’ as your first column, make sure order number is 1. Finally click on the + character.

Sorting Direction - To sort the direction of the records, simply change the option in the ‘Direction’ box (as shown in the red circle below).

Delete Column - Click on the x character next to the relevant column.

Notes -

  • As you make changes to the columns, direction, order etc… they will change straight away.
  • If you are sorting using serial numbers as an option, any record with no serial number will be listed below those records which have a serial number.
  • When you log out and close your browser, the record view will resort to its default view.

I hope you agree that this is a great addition to the functionality of Papertrail! But if there is anything else you think would be a good addition, please do get in touch. Likewise, if you need any additional guidance on this help-desk article, just hit the big green button!!

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