If you need to arrange your folders and sub-folders in Papertrail once your account is set up, the functionality is really simply?

Moving a folder to a different place or 'nesting' a folder within another to create a sub-folder is carried out with our drag and drop functionality.


If you want to move a folder to a different location within your folder structure simply select the folder and drag it to its new position, ensuring you keep it aligned with the left hand side of the folder list.

To move a top level folder into a sub-folder simply click and hold the folder you want to move, then 'drag' the folder to its new location, move it slightly to the right of the folder list and 'drop' it.  You then need to follow the instructions on the dialogue box to 'CONFIRM MOVE' (see short video below).  This may seem a little antiquated but it helps ensure folders are not 'drag and dropped' by accident :-)

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