Your Papertrail dashboard gives you a snapshot of the state of your health and safety records, showing you instantly which records are due for inspection and which are overdue. This makes it easy to prioritise which records to inspection first, saving time and reducing risk.

The Papertrail dashboard:

The below is an example of what you might see when you log-in to your Papertrail account:

The records are labelled by folders, so you can see how many records are due for inspection within each folder in your Papertrail account.

- The Red counts are the number of records overdue

- The Yellow counts are the number of records due for inspection (When will records become 'Due' for inspection?)

Clicking on the tab titles makes it very quick and easy for you to see which of your organisations' records have been marked as quarantined (temporarily removed from use), missing, retired or have been marked for closer monitoring.

Finding records in your Papertrail account

If you want to find and access records which are not due for inspection, you can do this either by navigating through to the folder icon on the left-hand side, or using the search box in the top right-hand corner of your account.

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