Moving on from adding a single inspection, adding multiple inspections on our mobile app is just as simple.  If you are going off-line it is vital that you always remember to log in and sync your device to ensure you have the most up to date information.

To see just how simple it is, have a look at this a short video on how to do this...............

If you can't view the video please read on...........

Navigate to and identify and the records you are inspecting.  To do this you can use the 'Due/Overdue' filters on the dashboard or go directly to them via the folder option.  In this example we are inspecting 3 daily routine checks that require selecting individually by tapping the adjacent radio button (step 1), or select one record followed by the 'Select all ' option (step 2).

If 'Select all' is used you will notice that all the records are selected and that you also now have the option to 'Select none', this is handy if you have selected a large number of records in error and need to 'deselect them'.  To continue, don't forget to tap 'Add Inspection'

You will now see the inspection dialogue boxes for the 3 items you have selected (step 1). Decide if you need to change the 'state' of the items.  If you do, tap on the actual word 'State' of the first item to activate the options wheel (step 2).  You can now change the state as required, in this example we are changing from 'Monitor' to 'Checked - Good' (step 3), followed by 'Select' (step 4).
You now have the option to use this state for an individual record or all of them.  If it is for all, tap on the 'burger' icon adjacent to 'State' to  'Copy down' to all items (step 5).

Your items will all now show the new state chosen (step 1).  If you aren't changing the 'Quantity' or 'Next Inspection' date you go to the comments section.

The 'Comments' box allows you to read and use the last observation by tapping on 'View last comments' and if they are still relevant selecting 'Use', if you are not going to use them select 'Close'.

If you want to add a new observation, tap 'Comments' (step 1) to activate the keyboard and type it in.  If necessary you can also add an image directly against one or more of the items you are inspecting (step 2).  Again, if you want to use the same comment for all records select the 'burger' icon, followed by 'Save all' (step 3).

We recommend that you scroll down all the records selected and check that everything is correct before returning to the dashboard.

If you are still off-line you can clearly see that the app will remind you of this and that you have completed some tasks that now need a sync to update the web app.

Remember, if you are off-line you will have to ensure you take the device back into a 3G/4G cellular or wireless internet connection to allow the device to automatically sync with the web app.

Papertrail also recommends that you log out of the app when you have finished all tasks, especially if you are working on a device shared with other users.

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