To find out how easy it is to log in to our mobile app please have a look at this short informative video.

If you can't open videos on your device read on........

To use our mobile app you need to ensure you have a good internet connection or 3G/4G cellular signal.

To access the app simply click on the icon to open the log-in screen, then simply  add your username (normally your email address), password then tap on 'Sign in'.

As long as you are using the correct log in details 😀 you will then have access to your account.  Note - the app will automatically sync with the web app and until that is complete the dashboard will not show any inspection information or recent activity:

Once the 'SYNC' is successfully completed you will see the most up to date information available:

Now the app has 'SYNCED' you can go off line and complete tasks such as carrying out inspections or editing any incorrect information fields.  Note - the app will search for and recognise when you have an internet or cellular signal and automatically sync any changes you have carried out, you no longer need to remember to press any buttons to carry this out 😀

Once you have completed your work you can log out by simply tapping 'Accounts' in the top left hand corner of the screen to access the 'Logout' screen:

From there, tap 'Logout' to close the connection fully.  Doing this will ensure the next user of the device has to enter their own user data to access the app and will be able to access anything under your own personal details.

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