The use of a barcode enables you to search for and identify a single or group of records with ease.

Some of your account records may well have a barcode allocated to it and you may want to search for that record(s) using the barcode scanner to save time.  This is quite a straight forward process to follow :-)

Log in to your account as normal and click on the search icon in the top right hand corner of the screen;

You will then be presented with a search box and barcode icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, simply tap the barcode icon and the reader will automatically open on your device:

Scan the barcode with your device camera:

and any record(s) with that number associated with it will be shown:

You can now make any changes you need to make on the record(s) before navigating your way back to the dashboard.

Using a barcode to identify an item or group of items/check is a great way to manage your equipment.  Please remember that the device camera resolution and the ambient light you are working in is vital if the link between the item and Papertrail is to be made accurately and efficiently.

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