As a reseller you can bulk import records from a spreadsheet into an account, making it really easy to get a client account up and running quickly.

Log in to your Main Frame and select 'VIEW ACCOUNTS':

before searching for the account you need:

The account page will open in the 'Details' view, you now need to select the 'Importing' tab:

Where you can select 'CREATE TEMPLATE' from the '1. Generate a template' section. This in turn will download an Excel spreadsheet with all the account record blueprint fields:

There are also additional tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet that contains all the data you need to populate the spreadsheet correctly for the import, these tabs are:

  1. folders
  2. records
  3. logs
  4. states
  5. frequencies

It is advisable to save this template with a relevant name before starting work on it as this will assist you in identifying it at a later date.   A further article will help you discover and work with the idiosyncrasies of filling in the spreadsheet correctly.  Needless to say, the devil is in the detail and careful preparation is vital if you are to get the data uploaded accurately with ease.

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