Once a client is ready to begin paying for a subscription it is really easy to add the required number of records and users to the base package created earlier.

Navigate to your Resellers Main Frame (https://mainframe.papertrail.io/login) and log in and select 'VIEW SUBSCRIPTIONS'.

Type the name of the subscription you are working with and select 'SEARCH FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS' before you

navigate to the subscription dialogue box and select 'Actions':

to access the subscription details displaying user and member totals.  Simply overwrite the records and users totals to suit the new requirements and importantly click on 'UPDATE' to activate the changes:

In this example the subscription has been increased to 1500 records and 20 users.  Note our invoice will be based on our subscription calculator, the date that the 'Package' changes from 'Base Package' to 'Papertrail Subscription' and the new 'Records allowance' and 'Members allowance'.

You have now created a 'Base Package' and upgraded it to a 'Papertrail Subscription' with the required record and member levels that will be available immediately.

You can also use this method to amend these levels or upgrade the account if requested by the subscription owner.

Any changes to these fields will generate an automatic notification that will drive a new invoice to cover the increase in records and/or members.  If you have any questions or concerns email us at mail.papertrail.io or call us on 01248 719277.

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