Papertrail comes with a set of standardised default frequencies but there is always room for customisation as well as removal of those that aren't needed.

Log in to your Reseller Main Frame:

navigate to the account you want to work on:

and select the 'Frequencies' tab:

In the 'Available Frequencies' section all existing options are shown and can be removed by selecting 'DELETE'.

If it is a new, bespoke frequency a client needs select 'CREATE NEW FREQUENCY' to open the next action box:

Although creating a new frequency isn't 'rocket science' it would be easier for us to explain how easy it is to do this and talk you through the action.  As can be seen, there are many options available and it is all about mapping out exactly what it is that is needed.

Hit the 'Big Green Button' and we will contact you to talk it through.

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