In a nutshell, suspension of a subscription blocks all access to all accounts by its owner and invited users, whereas cancelling a subscription has the same blocking effects whilst importantly ceasing any payments from the date of cancellation onwards.

Suspension is usually a temporary measure that can help stimulate communications with clients that may have 'forgotten' to pay and you are finding it difficult to discuss this with them.  Cancellation comes from either a suspension that has not led to resolution or from a request by the client to cease paying for the subscription. How a reseller invoices their clients for a subscription may mean that a full or partial refund for a cancelled subscription needs to be issued, however as Papertrail invoices resellers for the total of records used by their clients on a month by month basis, a cancellation will affect how much the reseller is invoiced for immediately.

To suspend or cancel  a subscription, log in to your reseller mainframe:

 and navigate to the relevant subscription:

Once you are certain you have the correct subscription select 'Actions' then either 'Cancelling Subscriptions' - 'CANCEL', or

'Actions', 'Suspending Subscriptions', 'SUSPEND'

Please note that both actions are reversible and selecting 'UNSUSPEND' will give access back to the owner and users, with 'REACTIVATE' not only doing the same as well as re-starting the payments for those records and users.

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