Getting a client up and running on Papertrail means creating a subscription for them so they can begin to explore how simple and easy it is.

Immediately prior to a sales demonstration or on request from a client a new subscription must be created in your Resellers APP ( where you can create the subscription by selecting the '+ NEW SUBSCRIPTION' button:

To open the this dialogue box where you can add the 'SUBSCRIPTION NAME' followed by the 'INDUSTRY' of the new client:  

Before moving onto the 'RESELLER' box where you select your own business name before choosing whaich 

You can now add the name for the first account before choosing what type of account you need.  In most cases this will be a 'STANDARD ACCOUNT' but there are two other options, both of which will be explained in other articles.

The next important choice is to select what 'TEMPLATE' you want for this account. Again the most common is 'PPE EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT' but you have two further template options, both covered in other articles.

Once you have completed this your final task is to select 'CREATE ACCOUNT':

Your new base package subscription and initial 16-record/1 user account will be created and made available for you to begin working on in a few moments; don't forget that you need to invite the first member too

How to convert this base package to a full plan with additional records and users is covered in another article.

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