The two most common issues raised by account users are:

  1. Forgotten password and
  2. Using an incorrect user name/email address to log in

Papertrail doesn't hold any password details so the only way this can be remedied is for the user to use this link on the log in page:

The only issue that may come from this method of resetting a password is that the link will be sent to the email address the user first registered with, this is where the second issue may take over.

If a user doesn't receive the reset link via email (and has checked their spam filter) then it is possible that they are using an unregistered email address.  To check and confirm the address is registered, log in to the Reseller Main Frame:

Select 'VIEW ACCOUNTS', navigate to the account required:

and select 'Invitations':

You will now be able to observe the email address of each user who has received and accepted an invite to the account.

If the email address that the user is trying isn't there then you can inform them of the one they should be using.  Once they know this correct address they can begin the process again, hopefully with the correct password :-)

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