Papertrail has a 'Demo' account with numerous industry templates for you create for your clients that gives them:

  • Unlimited records and
  • Unlimited users, that is 
  • Automatically deactivated after 30-day ‘active’ period, and can be 
  • Reactivated for a further 30-days as and when necessary

The demo account allows you and your client to explore and learn all about what Papertrail can offer without having to create a paid for subscription.  In a nutshell, the demo is a perfect medium for 'proof of concept' for businesses.

Creating a demo is simple and can be completed whilst setting up a new subscription or at any time afterwards.  In this example we will create a demo account for an existing 'Base Package' subscription.

From within you APP, search for the 'SUBSCRIPTION' you require and select it to enter the 'Subscription Overview' and click on '+ NEW ACCOUNT':

In the 'NEW ACCOUNT' dialogue box complete the 'ACCOUNT NAME' box and select the 'CREATE A DEMO ACCOUNT' button in the 'OPTIONS' section.

The next section is vital if you are to create a demo that will work for your client.  In the 'SELECT DEMO TEMPLATE' choose the industry or specialist type demo required. These demo accounts will be created with a set template and data relevant to the industry chosen.

If 'Empty account - no data' is chosen you will create an empty standard Papertrail account that can be populated from scratch.

Once you have filled in all the fields select 'CREATE ACCOUNT':

If you require a different template demo, select 'Want a different template?' and let us know.

You now need to invite any members required to this account in the normal manner. The client can then invite as many users and add as many records as necessary to 'prove the concept' of using Papertrail.

If necessary, the clients own data can be imported in the normal way through a spreadsheet upload if required, importantly the demo can also be converted into a 'live' account if it makes the clients transition to a paid subscription easier.  Just let us know what you need and we will facilitate it quickly for you.

The demo account created will be active for 30-days before being automatically deactivated; reactivating a demo is covered in a further article.

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