Adding or managing tasks on the web app is simple and effective but there may well be a time when you only have a mobile device available and it may be imperative that a task be started to get a process underway.  In this example we are instigating a process where an external ERCA inspector is required to undertake a periodic inspection of a ropes course in compliance with EN 15567

 To create a task using the mobile app, simply select the record you require and open it fully and select the 'Create a task' option:

Next, complete all the dialogue boxes that will enable you to create a working task with a deadline:

You can then assign the task to a another account user or team from your account in exactly the same way as you would on the web app.  Click here to see how to assign  and continue to manage tasks on either the web or mobile app.

The ability to add a task to your Papertrail account using a mobile device, whilst on or offline is ensures all your staff have the ability to be positively reactive to what they see during the duty as well as being actively being able to create preventative tasks well in advance of future deadlines.

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