If an issue is found and reported through Papertrail that requires urgent corrective action or you know of a preventative task that needs completing to keep an item fully maintained, you can create a task against the item that will help you manage through to a successful completion.

To create such a task simply navigate to the item in question and open it to view the record fields dialogue box and select '+ CREATE TASK' in the 'TASKS' option: 

Using the 'CREATE NEW TASK' dialogue box you are now able to enter the task details (1) and optional description (2) as well as the all important 'DEADLINE' (3) before setting the task live by clicking on 'CREATE TASK' (4).

The 'TASK DETAILS' box now allows you to view and edit what you have previously entered as well as selecting 'ASSIGNEES' who will carry the task out (1). You can also add or upload any further information if necessary (2).

If you select 'ADD ASSIGNEES' (1) you can either search for a specific member of staff via the 'Search members' box or directly select them from your list of users.  You also have the option to add a note directly to the task or upload a file or image (2).

Once you have selected your assignees and clicked on 'SAVE' you will now be able to see the task created in the record field dialogue box with all the relevant information you have entered into it.

Don't forget that you can manage your tasks by simply clicking on the 'TASK MANAGER' icon in the navigation bar and viewing all your 'Open' and 'Pending Close' tasks.

Click here to learn more about managing your tasks in this short help desk article.

Adding tasks that clearly display all preventative and corrective actions that you carry out on the vast array of equipment you own, is a simple and effective way to clearly show how you manage your equipment, documents and certificates within Papertrail.

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