Tasks are Papertrail's means for evidencing the creation, monitoring and completion of any corrective and preventative actions that you may apply to a record within your account.  To access your Tasks simply click on the 'Task Manager' icon on the left hand side.

You will now find yourself in the Task view where by default you will see all tasks that are currently 'Open', 'Pending' or Closed':

Here you find your tasks with the following viewable information displayed: 

  1. Title
  2. State
  3. Assignees
  4. Creator
  5. Created Date
  6. Deadline Date

Under 'Assignees' you can see everyone who has a task assigned to them for action.  You can also see in the final task that the 5th and 6th assignee are 'hidden' behind an avatar that displays how many other assignees who cannot be viewed fully without selecting them.

To view all task details simply click on one to open it fully:

Along with the basic information you can now (1) ADD NOTE by typing, drag and drop or upload a document or image.  See all ACTIVITY (2) that has been carried out on the task (great for evidencing what has been carried out, observed or noted by the people working on the task), as well as (3) either CLOSE TASK (if you are the creator or an administrator) or SUBMIT for when you are just adding a note, document or image and want to keep the task open.

Interested in tasks?  Please feel free to read our other short, informative articles that will help you to create, manage and complete tasks within your Papertrail account.

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