If you are inspecting several items at once, you can add inspections to multiple records in your Papertrail account in one go. This can save you even more time on your health and safety records, compared to updating each record individually.

How to add inspections to multiple records

To add inspections to multiple records, simply select the items you want to update from the list of inspections due. Once selected, they will be highlighted as per the example below:

You can also bring up lists of records which you want to inspect by using the search function, or navigating through the folders.

When you have selected all the records you want to update, click on Add Inspection.

You will be prompted to Add an Inspection to multiple records:

You can complete the inspection for each record individually as below and select save for each record.

If however all the selected records are going to have the same state, comments, quantity or next inspection, then select the small green arrow highlighted below to copy the inspection to all. Once all relevant records are copied then hit the save all button at the bottom of the screen as highlighted below. 

Please note that to help you, you can find out what (if any) comments were added during the last inspection; you can also upload any photographs or files you would like to attach to the inspection record.

Once you've hit save all you will have updated multiple inspection records at once - saving you even more time.

Don't forget that in accordance with the frequency, the next inspection date will be set automatically for you. However, if you want to set your own inspection date for the next inspection only, click "SET MANUALLY" and you will be able to pick the date from the drop down calendar.  The change of date can be copied down to the other records being inspected by clicking the small green arrow to the right of the date field box, as long as the next inspection date will be the same for all the selected records.

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