Another great feature of Papertrail is the ability to add images or documents to inspections or notes. This can be very useful if, for example, you want to clearly demonstrate the state of a piece of equipment (making note of damage), or store a copy of a staff members qualifications.

To add a photo or file to a record it must be smaller than 20mb in size and we recommend you use the PDF format for documents where possible. To add an image or document simply follow these guidelines:

How to add photos/files to inspections and notes in Papertrail

First, find your way to the record you want to update, either by searching or navigating the folders.

Once you have found the record:

  • Click on Add inspection or Add note
  • A grey button says "Upload photo/file" (see screenshot below)
  • If you are on an iPhone or iPad you can select a photo straight from your camera roll
  • If you are on a computer, you can choose the photo/file you want to upload
  • Hit save

That's it! You have just added a photo/file to your inspection or note.

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