Papertrail is designed to work beautifully on any device which is connected to the internet, including smart phones and tablets. The functionality is exactly the same as when you use Papertrail on a computer, but the layout is optimised to make it as easy as possible to use on a mobile device.

How to use Papertrail on your smartphone or tablet

To use Papertrail on a phone or tablet online, you first need to open a browser window (such as Safari, Chrome, Edge or Firefox on an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet), and go to

Once you are there, log-in to your account as normal. You will see your dashboard just as you would on a computer, highlighting any inspections which are due.

From here, you can use the menu in the right-hand corner to access all areas of your account:

You can add inspections, notes, new records, search for records and navigate the folders, just as easily as if you were sitting in your office.

If you need any further help or advice, please feel free to contact us.

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