Did you know you can use tags to organise your records inside your Papertrail account? This is a really useful feature to use if you want to:

  • Associate records which may be stored across multiple folders (for example: PPE, LOLER)
  • Add extra information to records, such as where they are located or stored
  • Tag inventory, for example if you want to know the total number of helmets you have in a certain colour or size

To begin with, your can add a tag to a record as you are creating it by simply clicking on the + sign in the TAGS section:

You will then be prompted to add your new tag in the 'Find/Create tag...' section. If you have any existing tags they will automatically be displayed. This functionality will ensure you don't create or duplicate any existing tags.

If you don't see the tag, type in the new one you want then click on 'Create new tag' to add it to your record and your tag list.

Once you have completed this, the tag will be added to your record and importantly added to the list of tags now available.

How to add a tag multiple existing record

To bulk tag an existing record is also really simple - first locate the records you want to tag and select them all. Next click on the "ADD ** INSPECTIONS" drop down and choose the "Tag" option

Add your new tag and importantly select 'REPLACE EXISTING TAGS' if you want to get rid of the old one(s), then don't forget to hit "Save".

Note that that you can add a tag or replace any existing tag - be careful about using the replace option if you have lots of tags on your items.  Also, be aware that to add a tag to an existing record you will need to either be an 'Administrator' or have 'EDIT' record permissions.

We're sure you'll find lots of innovative ways to use this useful tagging feature! If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to let other Papertrail users how you are using it, please drop us a line! You can send us an email: mail@Papertrail.io or contact us via your account.

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