Even though Papertrail is designed to show you your account records visually on many devices, there maybe times when you need to produce either a full report/hardcopy of all (or some) items in your account. If this is the case, read on.............


To do this, start from your dashboard and select the 'VIEW ALL RECORDS':

You will now be able to choose whether you want to print or run a PDF report with all your records or run a partial/selective report. If you choose the former, ensure 'FOLDER VIEW' is selected

Next you need to choose the 'PRINT/EXPORT' from the 'FOLDERS' drop down tab in the breadcrumb bar

From the 'PRINT/EXPORT' dialogue box you can now choose print to PDF and 'OPEN' to check the generated document before you commit to paper. To ensure you get all the records from every folder in your account ensure the 'INCLUDE SUB FOLDERS' box is checked:

Your PDF report will look something like this (this is page 1 only) and show the folder description and comments along with each record, identifier, serial number, inspection state and comments as well as the next inspection date:

There may be times when a full report is too much and you want to just see specific records from specific folders. To do this, go back to your dashboard view by selecting its icon then select 'RECORD VIEW' from the right hand end of the green 'FILTERS' bar.

You will now see all the records in your account but they will be in numerical/ alphabetical order. You now need to simply select the records that you want to report on/print off:

Once you have completed this task (it may take some time if you need lots of records to be shown), select the drop down arrow adjacent to the 'INSPECTIONS' button and select the 'PRINT/EXPORT' option here:

Choose the same options from the print dialogue box and a new report with the items you have selected will be generated for you to open.

You will now be able to print a more concise report for use.

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