When you open up your dashboard you will now see our  Future Inspections widget clearly displayed.

Lets have a closer look at the widget itself:

We are in the default '8 Weeks' view (1) to begin with and you can see the 'X' axis displays our date range with the 'Y' axis showing the total number of inspections due. Don't worry if you have loads more inspections as this total is dynamic and will always fit your account.

Your inspections are displayed in a 'bar graph' view with the 'Actual' total of inspections shown in green (total taken from the records 'Next Check At' date) and the 'Projected' shown in grey (predicted total based on the frequency of your records).

If you want to change (toggle) the view to another date range you can select one of the other options available (2):

  • 7 Days
  • 8 Weeks
  • 6 Monthly
  • 4 Quarters

For a simplified view it is possible to remove either the 'Actual' or 'Projected' inspections by clicking on the one you do not want (3), this will 'cross' the word out and remove the total from view.  For a more specific view, you can select which 'Included Frequencies' (4) you require and this will filter the view by the  frequency.

To view the '6 Months' inspections you need to select this period:

You can now see that the 'X' and 'Y' axis has changed accordingly, as have the actual and projected totals.

To view the information behind the graphic you need to hover your cursor over the option you want, above you can see the detail for 3 - 9 Feb 17.  The usefulness of this widget doesn't stop there, if you now click the date range required it will 'drill down' to the type of inspections that are scheduled to take place.

This great bit of functionality allows you to balance the total inspections due against your staff scheduling.  From this you will be able to ensure you have not only the appropriate number of staff working but importantly the right person to do the inspections.

Pretty cool functionality and business level information delivered direct to your dashboard.

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