If you find that you are using records to represent each step of a check in one particular process, for instance cleaning a series of rooms or checking each part of a vehicle, you may find that custom checklists are your answer to save time and record allowance space.

We can create a custom checklist for you for anything, from components on a chainsaw to rooms in a building complex.

Checklists are made up of an overall heading, section headings and individual checks. You can include a description for each section and further information for the checks which can be viewed by clicking the ℹ️ next to the check.

You send us your checklists in text or spreadsheet format

  1. You send us your checklists in text or spreadsheet format
  2. We review them and discuss any issues or limitations with you
  3. We quote a price for the plan that best fits your needs
  4. We create the checklists and assign them to your account
  5. You test the checklists on temporary test records and request or approve any changes.

Please get in contact with us using the contact details at the base of the page to start a conversation today!

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