Before you can use a checklist in an inspection, you will need to 'assign' a checklist to your record(s).

Please note - If there is no checklist option or you don't have the checklists you need to carry out your inspections, please take a look at the free checklists available (or send us details of a custom checklist) and get in contact with us so we can add them for you.

Web app

To assign a checklist in the web application, navigate to the record(s) you want to update. For a single record, click into the record and then click on Choose Checklists or the + icon in the Checklist field. You can add multiple checklists to records.

If you want to assign a checklist to multiple records, select all the records applicable. Click the ▼ dropdown arrow next to Add X inspections and choose the Checklist option.

In the new window, select Choose Checklists or the + icon. 

A list of checklists available on your account will appear in grey boxes beneath. If you have a long list you can start typing a name in the search bar to find it more quickly.

Click on a checklist name to assign it to a record. The checklist name will appear ticked in the list and as a grey box in the checklist field.

In this window you can also remove a checklist from the selected records using the Remove checklists tab on the right. To remove a checklist from a single record, click the X next to the checklist name.

You can also replace any existing checklists using the Replace existing checklists tick box. Click Save.

Mobile app

To assign a checklist to a single record in the Papertrail mobile app, click into the record and click Add/View more details.

Click on the ... menu and choose Add checklists.

Select which checklist you want from the list and click Add. You can also replace any existing checklists in this step. Press Save to complete.

To add checklists to multiple records, select the records using the circle icon on the left hand side. Click on the ... menu.

Click Add checklists. You can also Remove checklists here.

Scroll through the checklists and add them by clicking on the blue Add dialogue. Here you can also replace existing checklists.

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