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Why can't I see or select more than 50 records at once?
Why can't I see or select more than 50 records at once?

Can I see more than 50 records per page at once on the Web app?

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If you deal with lots of records in your account, you may have wondered whether it's possible to have more than 50 records displayed per page. We do recommended that you set up your folder structure in your account so you don't have too many records in one particular folder as they will be easier for you to find and be more manageable.

We appreciate that it can be frustrating working page by page but limiting the number of records per page to 50 balances efficiency with performance in the Papertrail application.ย 

However - You can actually increase the number of records on a page by editing the URL. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, delete the number 50 and replace with the number that you want.

Please note - the higher the number, the slower the app performance.

Dealing with so many records in one go could overload your session (depending on how fast your internet connection is) and getting a blank screen or app crash is a lot more frustrating in our experience than steady progress.

Remember, you can do reports and certificates for a whole folder or multiple folders in one go. So even if you need to include over 50 records, you can still print one certificate in a few clicks to evidence inspections.

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