Tags are a really useful way to organise sets of records in your Papertrail account that may be stored across different folders, or to add extra information to records.

For example:

  • A temporary contract label for kits.

  • Items of equipment which are required to undergo a 6-month LOLER inspection.

  • Number of helmets of a certain colour or size for inventory purposes.

You can easily display a list of every record with a certain tag by searching for a tag in the search bar, or clicking on one tag to display all the records with that tag.

Note: to add a tag to an existing record you will need to either be an Administrator or have edit record permissions.

Web app

To start, click into the record that you want to add a tag to. Click on the grey Choose tags + section. 

If you haven't got any tags in your account yet or want to add a new tag, type in the name of the tag followed by clicking the Create "[name]" button below.

The tag will then appear as ticked in the list below and has its own grey box.

If you have any existing tags they will automatically be displayed. This means you can avoid duplicating tags that are already made. You can start typing a name to narrow down the list displayed and click on the name of an existing tag to add it to the record.

To remove the tag from a record, click on the X symbol next to the tag name and it will disappear. The tag name will still be available in your account list.

Adding a tag to more than one record at a time is also really simple. First select all the records that you want to tag in folder view. Click on the ▼ drop down arrow next to Add X inspections and choose the Tag option.

Add your new or existing tag or remove a tag in the same way as above and press Save to complete.

Here, you can also replace all the current tags on the selected records with one or more different tags. For example, if all the kit belonging to one member of staff is now under the care of someone else, you can replace one name with another directly.


Mobile app

In the Papertrail mobile app, the icon can be found in the record details under the name and state of the record.

You can type, create and select a tag name in the same way as the web app.

If you want to change the tags on multiple records at once, here's a short video to show how:

Select multiple records by tapping the circle next to each name, then click the ... menu to choose Add Tags or Remove Tags. Add tags in the way above, including choosing whether to replace all existing tags. 

When removing tags, select the ones from the existing list that you wish to delete - they will move into the list 'Tags to remove'. Press Save to make the changes.

Once you create a tag it remains on the list in your account. If you have lots of outdated tags making your list unwieldy, get in touch and we can delete the ones you no longer need.

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