Most Papertrail users will be browsing and importing from our Product Directory after they have set up their Papertrail account, but if you are new to the system and want to be ultra-efficient, here's how you can import your products at the point of creating an account.

On the Product Directory webpage, you can either search for a specific product with its product name or product type and model number or you can select a manufacturer from the list, displaying all of their products.

Once you have found your product, click on it to display all of its product information in a pop-up window. 

The information in this window can vary from product to product, but usually includes photos, description, product code, size, certifications and important documents (such as care guidelines and certificate of conformity). All of this information will be automatically imported into the Papertrail record for you.

Change the Quantity if you have more than one of the same item and once you're happy, click Add to Import List. If you have more products to import from the Product Directory, you can search for them and add them to your Import List in exactly the same way.

Once you have added all the products you need to the import list, click View Import List (top right hand corner) to see all of your selected products listed. On this page, you can also delete products or change their quantity.

To import your products, click Import  X Products to Papertrail. This will automatically direct you to Papertrail's welcome screen, where you can Create your account and Sign up.

Fill in all the new account details and then click Continue to Folder Selection.

You will then be able to select the folder that you would like to add your products into and Continue to Import. You also have the option of either creating a new top-level folder or creating a new sub-folder under an existing folder.

Two options of import are available. A Standard Import will select all the recommended manufacturer data along with record fields and inspection frequency. If you want to set the inspection frequency yourself, the Advanced Import will allow you to make changes such as setting the inspection frequency and customising the record fields.

You can click through each product by clicking Next in the top right hand corner. Once you're happy, click Complete Import.

After your import is completed, you will then be able to view the records in the folder that you imported them into in your new Papertrail account by clicking View in Folder. The records will appear in a similar way to below.

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