Detailed inspection templates combined with cloud-based record keeping and schedule management - it's a Safety Director's dream. 

With our integration capabilities, you can save your iAuditor reports to your Papertrail records and have the best of both worlds.

Papertrail offers the ability to upload and save completed pdf audits from iAuditor to the relevant inspection records in Papertrail. The user then sets a status outcome and regular inspection schedule to demonstrate a systematic audit management system compliant with industry regulations.

  • Papertrail allows you to view all saved and completed audits

  • Standard integration fields - author, name, template, outcome score, date completed

  • Custom - specific audit template fields

  • One-click action to attach an audit to a record and choose its status

  • Filter audits by priority and template type 

  • Be notified when new audits are completed and actioned

  • Manage escalations and tasks associated with the audit outcome

Integration is available for Papertrail Business and Corporate subscriptions upwards of £1200 in value, for a one-off charge. We can also offer custom automated workflows and outsourced management of the iAuditor account if required.

If you currently use iAuditor or are interested in subscribing in order to use it alongside Papertrail, contact us today to discuss details and options.

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